Simply Messing About In Boats…

On Saturday, 29 June, the Chairman of the Broad Street Ward Club, our Common Councilman Chris Hayward, and the Secretary, Judith Rich, organised the most delightful day in Henley-on-Thames.  Saturday was the day before the Regatta, so the town and the teams were polishing and practising everywhere.  The day started with a whirlwind tour of the River & Rowing Museum.  This architecturally stunning museum combines several themes – rowing, the Thames, local Henley history, and The Wind In The Willows.  Then some of us took to the water for an hour to inspect the course.  In a spirit of gamesmanship, we used a stinkpot rather than a scull to give the crews a fighting chance.  Lunch is always a highlight of a Broad Street Ward Club day out, but in this case our Chairman used his connections as a member of the renowned Leander Rowing Club to have us dine above the river and amidst the pink hippos.

Following lunch we were permitted to view the Leander Club library where a delightful surprise emerged.  The library had been founded with a donation of 1,750 books from Tom Hoffman, also a Common Councilman and Gresham College Trustee.  I’d never known…  And I had to take this picture of An American Boy At Henley.


Tickets to the museum are good for a year, so we returned after lunch for a second dose before catching the train home.  As Rat (Kenneth Grahame) solemnly observed, “there is NOTHING — absolute nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Battle of the Quants

Working with Bartt Kellermann and Selvie Shaqiri to help bring their very successful US format here to the UK.  Very interesting session today discussing this brief title – “ From the Ephemeral Quant to the Eternal Coin: Short Term vs. Long Term Considerations when Allocating to Quantitative Based Strategies”.  Thankfully, some of our thoughts on Long Finance really rang a bell, and folks seemed to be interested in Asymmettric Gain-Loss Recognition, Performance Policy Bonds, Confidence Accounting, Irreversible Time, Unburnable Carbon, Internal Growth Rate as a key regulatory pension metric, and Volatility = Sustainability.  Wow.  Great crowd.

Eternal Coin Treadmill

Election of Sheriffs

I attended the annual election of two Sheriffs for the City of London today.  Alderman Sir Paul Judge (Ward of Tower) and Robert Adrian Waddingham CBE were elected by acclamation.

The new Sheriffs will be admitted into office on Friday 27 September ready to preside at the Election of the Lord Mayor on Monday 30 September.  They will hold the position for one year.

The office of Sheriff, a pre-requisite to becoming Lord Mayor, is one of the oldest in existence and dates back to the Middle Ages.  Their duties today include attending the Lord Mayor in carrying out his official duties, attending the sessions at the Central Criminal Court in the Old Bailey and presenting petitions from the City to Parliament at the Bar at the House of Commons.

If only it were so easy in Broad Street Ward (sigh), but a great ceremony at the Guildhall.