‘Connect To Prosper’ Coin

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli is the 695th Lord Mayor of London.  The theme for his mayoral year is ‘Connect To Prosper’, celebrating the Knowledge Miles in London’s Square Mile, the World’s Coffee House.  London has been a financial centre for over a millennium, but has had Knowledge Miles of science, technology, engineering, law, art, mathematics, media, and more.  A coin is a fitting symbol of ‘Connect To Prosper’ as Michael defines money as “a technology that communities use to trade debts across space and time”.

The ‘Connect to Prosper’ Coin is sponsored by:

Glass Futures, a global not-for-profit research and technology, membership organisation is set up to identify and demonstrate methods to decarbonize the Glass and other Foundation Industries.

Its Global Centre of Excellence is a world-first. It will allow the organisation to trial and demonstrate disruptive technologies and generate ideas that will support the glass and foundation industries to decarbonise and become more sustainable, faster.

The Centre is based in St Helens, near Liverpool in the north-west of England. This town has become the glass capital of the UK, which is also home to Pilkingtons (the world renowned manufacturer of float glass), Knauf (a leading manufacturer of fibreglass building products), and The World of Glass (the UK’s leading glass experience and museum).

More information: http://www.glass-futures.org

As the representative body for the UK Glass Industry, British Glass communicates the glass sector’s values and interests to secure a thriving and sustainable future.

It does this by:
• providing honest, intelligent and evidence-based advice;
• fostering collaboration and innovation;
• helping its members to work constructively with stakeholders from government and other industries;
Its membership includes companies from across the full supply chain.

More information: www.britglass.org.uk

This is one of the 111 livery companies based in the City of London. Founded in 1664, its original role was to regulate the Glass Selling and Pot-Making industries within the City. Its role today is to:
• Maintain good relationships within the Company, the City of London, the wider glass industry and the glass art community;
• Stimulate interest in glass in all its aspects;
• Carry out charitable, works with special emphasis on education, including within the glass industry and the glass art community;
• Support the Lord Mayor and the Corporation of the City of London.

More information: www.glass-sellers.co.uk

Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) is the UK’s foremost organisation supporting both established glass artists and up-and-coming makers. Our mission and passion are to promote contemporary glass among the art world and wider public.

Its members are drawn from glass artists, glass students, collectors and galleries as well as educational institutions and industry focused on glass art.

More information: www.cgs.org.uk.


COIN DESIGN: The ‘Connect to Prosper’ Coin is designed by Xenia Una Mainelli. She specialises in data visualisation, holds an engineering degree in Geomatics, and enjoys graphic design work.

More information: xumainelli.com

COIN PRODUCTION: The ‘Connect to Prosper’ Coin has been produced by John Moncreiff Ltd, based in Scotland, which specialise in lighting products and custom-made glass works.

More information: moncrieff.co.uk