What Happens If We Burn All The Carbon?

I am delighted that Dr Kevin Parker’s and my paper has come out, What happens if we ‘burn all the carbon’? carbon reserves, carbon budgets, and policy options for governments, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry in Environmental Science: Atmospheres.

How Would I Know If I Were A Robot@Christmas?

One small, seasonal task was spending 12 hours undertaking the CISI’s Certificate In Ethical Artificial Intelligence, below:

This is all part of the 695th Lord Mayor’s Ethical AI Initiative. This course applies to people working in finance (of all sorts) and technology. You can find and take the course here, http://www.cisi.org/ai:

Members (£60)
The course for members comprises four mandatory modules with online tests (8 hours total) and an additional 4 hours of flexible CPD in AI learning via the CISI Learning Platform.

  • Ethical AI and Professional Codes of Conduct
  • Risk Management in AI
  • Strategic Approaches to AI
  • Tactical Development of AI (Executive Management)
  • Additional four hours of CPD in AI learning via the CISI Learning Platform

Non-members (£150)
The non-member course comprises five mandatory modules with online tests (10 hours) and a further module of curated AI learning (2 hours) for a total of 12 hours of learning.

  • AI – An introduction
  • Ethical AI and Professional Codes of Conduct
  • Risk Management in AI
  • Strategic Approaches to AI
  • Tactical Development of AI (Executive Management)
  • Further module containing curated AI learning (videos/articles)

We anticipate rolling out similar courses in several other sectors over 2024. Perhaps completing the course over the seasonal break is a sign of a robotic approach to holidays (Batteries Not Included) or, better, a resolved start to a Connect To Prosper New Year!

Gresham College Revisited

Today we held the fourteenth annual Lord Mayor’s Gresham Lecture given by The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor of the City of London and attended by 500 people. Back in 2009, I created the idea of the Lord Mayor’s Gresham Lecture, first given by Nick Anstee in 2010, based on a simple idea: the President of an academic institution should provide an annual academic lecture. I was thrilled to be giving it myself for a change, for many reasons, including:

  • As a Honorary Life Fellow (2017-) and former Fellow (2009-2013), Trustee (2008-2020), member of the Gresham Committee (City Side – 2013-2021), and member of the Joint Grand Gresham Committee (2013-2021), I am clearly a big supporter of our ‘Tudor Open University’;
  • As Lord Mayor I have the honour of being President of Gresham College ex officio;
  • Having given some 29 full lectures as Mercer’s School Memorial Professor Commerce might seem a lot, but add in another eight full lectures as a Fellow, plus over 30 symposia, and quite a few special events, so this was yet another chance to try and get a lecture right.

My aim was to provide an academic backdrop to this year’s Connect To Prosper theme, thus it was entitled, “Connect To Prosper – The Power Of Networks”.

Cities are networked networks of connectivity and information sharing. They create, often indirectly, communication, transportation, commercial, and intellectual networks.  For the City of London, expanding and changing networks develop its strengths. Over 40 learned societies, 70 higher education institutions, and 130 research institutes surround the City of London, creating a network of knowledge connections among science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and finance.  In this lecture, I drew upon Z/Yen and my more than two decades of research into smart and financial centres worldwide.  

I explained how the 2023-2024 Mayoral theme: “Connect To Prosper”, with its emphasis on multi-disciplinary networks, hopes to link forces to advance, just a bit, a few solutions to global problems. The talk was followed by a discussion with Professor Julia Black, Professor Mark Birkin and Professor Michael Batty, whom I thank most sincerely for some excellent contributions.

The Gresham College website has the full lecture.

If, like me, your preference is a print transcript with slides here.

Or watch on YouTube:

“The Frontiers Of Education – Some Musings”

Remarks to:

Livery Education Conference – Preparing Young People For The Future

Alderman & Sheriff Professor Michael Mainelli MStJ FCCA FCSI(Hon) FBCS, Tuesday, 3 March 2020, Merchant Taylors’ Hall, London

“The Frontiers Of Education – Some Musings”

Masters, Wardens, Headteachers, ladies and gentlemen:

I have been asked to talk about education of the future, so I’ll start from the past.  Exodus 2:22, King James’s Version, says: “And she bare him [Moses] a son, and he called his name Gershom: for he said, ‘I have been a stranger in a strange land’.”

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Gresham Professors – Stand-up or Stand-down?

A talk given to one of my favourite communities:

 “Stand Up Or Stand Down”

Gresham Society AGM & Dinner

14 February 2019, National Liberal Club

The Gresham Society is a very serious organisation.  A Gresham lecture is supposed to be a serious intellectual occasion.  A Gresham Society address therefore should be an especially heavy and ponderous event.  I hope to disappoint.  Continue reading

Obverse and Reverse – Flip The Coin

I was delighted to see the final struck coin for next year’s quincentenary celebrations of Sir Thomas Gresham (1519-1579).  We, Z/Yen, ordered them to contribute to the celebrations.  The coin was designed by Xenia Mainelli (yes, a relation, one of my two cherished daughters).  This is the culmination of a four year, £250,000 project.  Yes, this has been rather a “challenge coin“. Continue reading

Road To Everywhere – Goodenough College

Remarks to: Goodenough College on Founders’ Day, by Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, 4 October 2018.

“Road To Everywhere”

President, Chairman, Governors, Trustees, Fellow Fellows, Students, Ladies, and Gentlemen.  Wilkommen, Benvenuti, Bienvenue,欢迎光临 (huānyíng guānglín), Welcome.

It is a genuine honour to have been asked to deliver this year’s Founders’ Day address.  Founders’ Day is an opportunity to cultivate our legacies and sow our futures.  We do so in challenging times.

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