The Sheriffs’ Thames Rowing Challenge – POSTPONED

Sadly, this event was cancelled due to the risk posed by high winds and waves. £610 was raised for the Sheriffs’ & Recorder’s Fund in the non-event, and we thank all those supporters. The event is being scheduled as part of Totally Thames next year.

Donations Welcome To The Sheriffs’ & Recorder’s Fund

We, Michael Mainelli & Chris Hayward, are the new Sheriffs in town, Sheriffs of the City of London 2019-2020.  Our modern role is to support Lord Mayors in their civic duties promoting London as the world’s leading professional, business, and financial centre.  

We are required to preside over every session of the Central Criminal Court throughout our year in office.  We support Her Majesty’s Judges in emphasising the importance of rule of law throughout the world.  Part of this support is for the Sheriffs’ & Recorder’s Fund, founded in 1808, giving grants to ex-prisoners and their families in London, to help them stop offending and start a new life.

We start our new life this month, and want to use the traditional Thames association with the Sheriffs and the Lord Mayor during the Totally Thames festival to promote the Fund.  So, the two of us with our consorts, Alex, Chris, Elisabeth, and Michael, shall be “Goliath” in the Lord Mayor’s River Progress on Saturday, 28 September, from 13:30 to 16:00, from Chelsea to HMS President, sumptuously escorted downriver in the luxurious royal barge “Gloriana” sipping champagne while overseeing a galley of rowers [see luxury photo above!].

We shall pit pitted against the hardworking City of London team, “David”, in a traditional Thames cutter, the lovely “Lady Gillett”.

Of course, the competition kindly let us row early two mornings down by Charlton (thank you City of London team!) so we could see what we were up against.

We’d say, ‘take a bet’, but you know who’s going to win – support us anyway.  We’re looking for mass participation and awareness, not massive amounts, so the recommended donation is £10. Donate HERE please.

[The word ‘float’ for a parade entry comes from the Lord Mayor’s Show, originally waterborne on the Thames.]