Last Post

No, probably not the last blog note, just pointing out that yesterday, Wednesday 19 June, was the last opportunity for a postal vote application.  Voters are now committed either to come in person or a postal ballot.  On our side, we managed to get everyone in the ward either by post or hand (mostly hand!) a flyer and a postal application form by yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile, it was also the last post for me at 22:20 last night.  I was presenting, with Dr Iain Saville, the Systems in the City Awards 2013.  Iain was on first and got the individual awards out of the way.  Then a ventriloquist came up – Nina Conti.  She’s possibly the funniest ventriloquist I’ve ever seen (and I’ve actually seen a few, including one last year in Germany the family booked).  Her act featured a mind-bending routine with a monkey.  Then, when the audience was well ready (ahem), up I pop for the corporate awards.  Was I the organ grinder?  While I may have drastically shortened my speech about yesterday’s Parliamentary Banking Commission on Banking Standards report, “Changing Banking for Good“, and Long Finance, the audience strangely didn’t seem to notice the cuts.  A good time was had by all, and there are some very proud winners this morning.