Carnegie Hall? Practice!

We rehearsed the Lord Mayor’s Show today, in the official carriage from 1753, the longest continuously used vehicle in the world. But to have empty streets were were up at 03:30 and underway at 04:50. You’d think we’d yawn, but it was absolutely fantastic fun with hundreds of volunteers making everything special. Yes, that’s me practicing my hat waving.

BBC – “Lord Mayor: Rehearsals Held In City Of London Ahead Of 695th Procession” (the pedant in me points out that the Show began in 1215 so there have been (minus a few for wars and a pandemic) just over 800. It’s the 695th Lord Mayor, yes, but some Lord Mayor’s were elected more than once long ago, but all had a Show. And the trivia is that from approximately 1360 till 1860, 500 years, there was a land ride and a waterfront show, leading to the continued use of the word ‘float’ to describe an entry in a parade.