Jolly Good Fellow

It was a distinct honour to be elected to an Honorary Fellowship at Kings College London (KCL) in 2021. Due to pandemic restrictions, ceremonies were delayed over three years. In the past few weeks, KCL has held nearly 50 graduation ceremonies, against a ‘normal’ 15 or so. At one point I got singled out with this most kind citation:

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Knowledge Mile Begins

I was pleased that the Court of Aldermen saw fit to announce their support for my candidacy as Lord Mayor of the City of London, 2023-2024. Subject to election by the Livery, that role would take effect on 10 November 2023 and end on 10 November 2024. The letter is here, and FT coverage here. Yes, Elisabeth and I are delighted.  We want to use the role to deliver benefits for the City, London, the nation, and beyond.  My working theme is to celebrate our ‘Knowledge Mile’.  All planning ideas appreciated this side of September 2023!  After that it moves over to delivery for 12 months. 

During the course of the mayoral year the Lord Mayor undertakes over 2500 civic, diplomatic, business and political engagements, spending around 100 days of year on international visit to promote UK financial and professional services. As a result, the Lord Mayor has an incredibly busy diary and needs to balance many competing priorities. The diary process for the Lord Mayor and Mansion House is managed by the Diary Manager Maris Kraulins  Please share any requests with the Diary Manager and these will be reviewed in early 2023 with advice given and decisions taken.   

I really look forward to working with everyone on making this forthcoming Mayoralty year a small force for good. And for a bit of perspective on the role:

“In ancient times the chief civic magistrate was styled the Reve, or Portreve, but in 1207 John changed this title to that of Mayor. The appellation of Lord was first prefixed in the fourth charter of Edward III., when the honour of having gold or silver maces borne before him was conferred on the “Lord Mayor,” who ranked moreover as an earl. His duties are multiplex and ubiquitous. In his own person he represents all the rights and privileges of the Corporation. He is said to hold the same relation to the City as the Crown does to the rest of the kingdom. He is chief butler at the coronation of the sovereign, lord-lieutenant of the county of London, clerk of the markets, gauger of wine and oil, meter of coals and grain, salt and fruit, conservator of the Thames, admiral of the port, justice of gaol delivery for Newgate, chairman of every committee he attends, and subject to many other burdens.”

The Corporation of London: Its Rights and Privileges
by William Ferneley Allen, Sheriff of London and Middlesex, and Alderman of the ward of Cheap (1858).

Taxing Times In Rotterdam

Elisabeth and I spent a week in the Netherlands during April. Ostensibly, we went to see our daughter, Xenia, during her studies in Delft. We were a bit miffed to find out there were no rooms at the inns of Delft and we’d have to stay in Rotterdam, until we found out that it’s only a seven minute train ride from Rotterdam to Delft, and further discovered the warmth and fun Rotterdam and the area had to offer.

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In Memoriam, Dad

Another Michael Mainelli, my Dad, passed away over the weekend, at home, peacefully in his 87th year, with all of the family able to see him the week before. While other windows will open anew for all of us, a small, treasured window on my universe has shut.

Biodiversity Shouldn’t Have To Pay Its Way

Remarks to: Pollinating London Together, Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers & others, 16 September 2021, Mansion House, by Alderman & Sheriff Professor Michael Mainelli.

Lady Mayoress, Masters, Aldermen, Ladies & Gentlemen:

As a teenager, I worked in a family bee business with some 300 hives at one point.  I was delighted as I rode by Drapers’ Hall yesterday, on my Ride Round The Range with seven of the HAC Light Cavalry and two police horses to go through my ward of Broad Street.  One of the most entrepreneurial wards where, earlier this year, one of our cannabis businesses was shut down, otherwise the two hives on the roof of Mansion House might be famous for some infused products.

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Alderman & Sheriff Professor Michael Mainelli’s Ride Round The Range Of The City, 15 September 2021

We, Michael & Elisabeth, must thank everyone most warmly for their fantastic support last week.  We truly appreciate everyone’s contributions, whether financial, organisational, or libational.  We had a simply wonderful time, and a terrific closing event for our two years in the Old Bailey.

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Baking On Technology

Remarks to: Worshipful Company of Bakers Livery Lunch,
Wednesday, 1 September 2021, Bakers’ Hall, London, by Alderman & Sheriff Professor Michael Mainelli.

Master, Alderman, Brother Sheriff, Warden, Ladies & Gentlemen,

Well, we are back at a physical event at last and no longer have to utter those immortal words ‘you are on mute’!  As someone suggested to me last week at the Central Criminal Court, it feels a bit like ‘being let out of prison’.

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For all intensive purposes

For all intensive purposes

Johnson’s wry note suggested replacing “one fell swoop” with “one foul swoop”. Macduff wails in Macbeth, “Did you say all? O hell-kite! All? What, all my pretty chickens and their dam, At one fell swoop?” Shakespeare is using an avian metaphor to compare the murder of Macduff’s wife and children to a hawk suddenly swooping down on defenceless prey. Surely “one fowl swoop” is to be preferred?

Professor Michael Mainelli
Emeritus Professor
Gresham College

7 August 2021 –