Beating The Broad Street Bounds

To the Natives of the Parish of St Margaret Lothbury and the Broad Street Ward Club.  You are desired to meet the rest of your parishioners and club members on Thursday, 23 September 2004 at 18:00 at the Guildhall and from thence to go to your parish bounds afterwards to return to Throgmortons. You are desired as a Wellwisher to the Preservation of this Society to send by the Bearer £15 for your admission.
(as per a 1795 notice for Cripplegate Ward supplied by Claire and John Scott JP)

When parishioners could neither read nor write, how were they to know the boundaries of their village? They held an annual event to familiarise themselves with, and inspect the condition of, markers of the boundaries, frequently bumping parish boys heads at important points to beat in a key point. It was pointed out (not by boys) that Broad Street Ward Club had allowed this tradition to lapse. Realising that, as years ago, it forms the perfect excuse for a pub crawl, we arranged a fun evening and light quiz competition about the ward in 2004 – which naturally had to visit many of the local drinking establishments, 30 people on a pub crawl, ahem, visiting local businesses.  And to avoid getting your head bumped, here are the bounds.  At each establishment they had to have their broom signed and marked with the amount spent, as well as answer trivia questions.  We have a lot of nice establishments in the ward.   We waited a long time for everyone to get back for the scoring and prizegiving.  Ahem.
Beating the Bounds Oct 2004
(from left to right, Michael Mainelli, Reverend Jeremy Crossley – Rector St Margaret Lothbury, Alderman David Lewis – 13 October 2004 – yes a photoshoot after the 23 September event.  We looked a lot better than we did late on the 23rd, but they were the same brooms)