Chair Miles – The Movie

Somewhere in the alternate Corona Universe quite close to home-working…


Name three things I hate about home working?

1 – I’m at home with the wife and kids.

2 – I’m missing out on the greasy office ladder.

3 – I’m losing my air miles.


All is not lost! Turn your air miles into chair miles! Turn your Avios into Chairios! Turn your Miles & More into Chairs & Less!


Yes, you can earn credits for saving the planet from the Greta & the Good by sitting on your bottom. Fight back against air miles with Chair Miles – give your teams credits for every teleconference. We average 1,000 airline km/year/person on the planet, so there are plenty of credits available. And you can redeem them for special prizes.


Indeed – a home spa package, or…


A holiday for the wife and kids.


Remember, you can only really get ahead in the corporate world if you Chair all your meetings!


A Desperation Production


Danny Corrigan, George Littlejohn, Michael Mainelli, Morgan Rose

read the full script – “From Air Miles To Chair Miles” by Michael Mainelli & Nick Noakes, Environmental Finance (May 2011), page 20 – Not just for April Fool’s? If so, Z/Yen and ChainZy ready to roll.